Twisted 3.0 Espresso
94 points (4/2014)

Blind Assessment: Evaluated as espresso. Crisply sweet and versatile, with a wide-ranging complexity. Pineapple-like fruit, dusk-blooming flowers, buttery chocolate, musk in aroma and cup. Lightly but distinctly syrupy mouthfeel. Crisp and chocolaty in the finish. Turns very sweet in three parts milk: buttery chocolate and pineapple.

Who Should Drink It: As a straight shot complex and satisfying; sweet and flavor-nuanced in cappuccino-scaled milk.(review)

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Twisted 3.0 Espresso
Espresso Roast

$15.75 / 12 oz

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Notes: Twisted's name was inspired by the way espresso "twists" as it streams from the spout of a portafilter.
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